Audet Lab

Structural biology and X-ray crystallography of membrane proteins

Martin Audet, Ph.D.*

Mission of the Laboratory

We use X-ray crystallography, CryoEM, and molecular pharmacology, to identify at multiple scales the mechanisms through which G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and Solute Carrier Transporters (SLCs) regulate signal transduction in health and diseases

We are part of:

  • Department of Pharmacology and Physiology

  • Centre de recherche du CHUS

  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

  • Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke (IPS)

  • UniversitĂ© de Sherbrooke

Our lab is located at the Pharmacology Institute of Sherbrooke (Z5 building, 2nd floor, Z5-2036)

*Picture provided by Mathieu Lanthier from communications-FMSS at UdS